American engineer soldier ww2 Crouch3 A9 3D print model




AMERICAN SOLDIER ON WW2 WAR Age between 24-34 years

American engineer soldier ww2 Crouch3 A9


  • American engineer soldier model with engineering objects (3d print model).
  • American engineer soldier model with SCR-300, clothes and more. Model in crouch action.
  • Soldier model of the Second World War. Allies armies.
  • The model has a circular, elliptical base or other shape (depends on the model).
  • the characteristics are shown in the images of the web.


  • 1/25 Scale models.
  • You can scale the mesh to other sizes (visit the tutorial link below).
  • The height of the human figures are around 65 to 75 mm approximately (depending on the pose of the model).
  • One Mesh model. No Parts. No divisions.
  • Mesh with or without base.
  • Mesh can separate from base (visit the tutorial link below).
  • Best printing results on Resin 3D printers (stereolithography).
  • High resolution.

Number of meshes:

  • 1 Mesh Model. Figure and base merged or figure only.

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Documentation (history)

A Combat Engineer Battalion (ECB) was a designation for a battalion-strength combat engineering unit in the United States Army, most prevalent during World War II. They are a component of the United States Army Corps of Engineers.
Also known as Combat Engineer Battalions, they were normally divided into four companies: A, B, C and Headquarters and Service (H&S).

A metal detector is an electronic instrument that allows to identify the presence of metal, for example, underground, hidden on a surface or in people. Some of the most common uses are: Warfare (search for mines), security (detection of hidden weapons), archaeological search for historical objects, mining and hobby.

Original mesh done on:

Blender 2.8 or superior.

File formats:

  • STL file
  • OBJ file
  • FBX file
  • Autodesk FBX (.fbx) – 13.7 MB
  • OBJ (.obj, .mtl) (2 files) – –
  • Stereolithography (.stl) (2 files) – –

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