CHIBI-TECH SD – GRIM CORE 3D print model




CHIBI-TECH SD modular Mecha. 30mm chibi (super-deform) sci-fi tabletop miniatures series come with a single-piece .STL and FDM-optimized versions for quality supportless printing. Many include free alternate variant sculpts. Also includes ready-to-print .PNG format GAME CARD(S). Designed to be 100% modular by using 6×1.5mm neodynium magnets.

C-20 GRIM: Never was there a Core built so hell-bent on destruction. A Medium Core carcas wrapped in ridged plate to appear of the semblence of a skeleton and faced by an angry jawless skull encompasses this utter engine of destruction designed to ward off anyone who would oppose while venting the extreme heat created by its reactors. Massive energy output in the form of Triple Overcharge to Kinetic, Energy AND Plasma Modules with that power spilling over into Rending abilities on weapons and the rest blasted out as a moderate Booster, this aggresive Medium Assault Core punches way over it’s weight. Made in A-2 and A-1 configurations (included), it is the embodiment of walking death on the battlefield.

This file pack inlcudes:
C-20 GRIM CORE A-2 (original and FDM optimized) .stl
C-20 GRIM CORE A-1 (original and FDM optimized) .stl
CHIBI-TECH SD game stats card & deck back .png for each.

  • Stereolithography (.stl) – 13.9 MB

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