CRYSTAL DRAGON 3D print model




In oldtime, when people couldn´t make spears yet and the nights were darker than your frightening imagination, Crystal Dragons ruled the world. They flew without fear through the world. They loved magic crystals that gave them invincible power. Until …

The dragon bust was designed primarily for DLP/SLA printers. It was reduced to 50% of its size. I recommend to print it in a position like on the sreenshots of a slicer. You don´t have to put any supports under thorns. I recommend to make a hollow model and place holes in the correct positions. A little force is needed to set the jaw. Beware of its breaking. I printed it on my Anycubic Photon. I used a new Ameralabs AMD-3 Grey resin with these print parameters:
6 bottom layers
60 bottom exposure time (s)
0.03 layer thickness (mm)
4.4 normal exposure time (s)

  • Stereolithography (.stl) (3 files) – –

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