Haunted Motorbike Figurine 3D print model




A printable motorbike model with a haunted and demonic theme – designed to be used as scenery or a vehicle mod for a miniature but it will look really cool if you mount your Ghost Rider action figure on a larger print size as well. If printed on it’s wheels you will only need extra supports for the steering and gearbox chain parts.

This is primarily designed as a heros/player character’s motorbike but you can use it for unique boss encounters as well, for example the wasteland gang/cult leader has a possessed motorbike that at some point of the encounter starts attacking on it’s own.

As it is, it is ready for gaming at a rough 28mm gaming scale.

  • Stereolithography (.stl) – 124 MB
  • 3D Studio (.3ds) – 109 MB

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