Necron Scythe Ship 3D print model




“The Night Scythe is the Necrons’ favoured tool of invasion, a variant of the Doom Scythe that replaces some of that fighter’s heaviest weaponry in favour of a troop transport capacity. This is not to say that a Night Scythe is in any way defenceless — quite the opposite.

Like its counterpart, it is capable of combat operations in both the void and within a planet’s atmosphere and it serves the Necron forces in the interceptor, starship assault and fighter-bomber roles. With its turret-mounted Tesla Destructors and the nerve-shredding shriek of its engines, the Night Scythe is a formidable fighter craft in its own right.
The Necron infantry units that Night Scythes most commonly carry into battle include Necron Warriors, Immortals, Deathmarks and Lychguard.”

Composed of 3 files:
Top half
Bottom Half

For the perfect sizing, I recommend a 45.97% scaling down, so it will be perfect for gaming.

  • Stereolithography (.stl) (3 files) – –

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