Queen of the mummies from the kings of the tomb...




This is High Queen Khalida Neferher from tomb kings in the popular Warhammer game. She is inspired from the art in the total war game.

She is scaled as 28mm model and you will find a presupported version for resin.

But wait there is more! Inside you will find a ~200mm statue version of her!

Finally do not forget to download her free base so she can stand on her own. OR download her necroserpent mount so she can lay waste on the puny mortals!
-both of these will be uploaded soon-.

Regular layer and exposure for resin print. Due to her fragile nature I would add 2 bottom layers.
For the statue version orientation is the key to success. As a rule of thumb pointy parts go up, rafts and tree supports, 45 degre angle is the best!

  • Stereolithography (.stl) – 101 MB

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